Mission & Policies

Beechnut Springs Mission & Policies

Beechnut Springs mission is to practice biblical hospitality in providing and cultivating a sanctuary where people can connect with God to experience renewal and refreshment in their walk with God individually and corporately as a church.

Our staff has a heart for hospitality where we nurture, strengthen, and serve. Revived and restored teachers and leaders are better prepared to encourage and minister. Any amount of time taken to get away and focus on God will bear fruit in the lives of individuals and the church!

Beechnut Springs is a non-profit, non-denominational Christian ministry. We ask that all guests honor Biblical standards of conduct during their time with us. We trust you will find your visit refreshing and enjoyable. The following policy guidelines are
designed to maintain a safe and relaxing environment for all our guests.

Children: We are concerned for the safety of all children and ask that parents and youth leaders maintain responsibility for supervising children at all times.

Nature and Wildlife: Please respect all wildlife. Woodland animals are untamed and can be dangerous. Feeding wildlife is prohibited. Please do not pick plants or flowers, carve wood, or break branches from live trees. We work hard to keep the Lord’s property beautiful!

The natural environment may present other hazards. Snakes, mostly non-poisonous, are prevalent and black bears visit several times a year. Guests are asked to wear proper footwear and use appropriate caution when walking trails and enjoying nature.

Pets: Guests are not permitted to bring pets on the property.

Conduct: Beechnut Springs is a family-oriented atmosphere that purposes to honor God by maintaining a Biblical standard of conduct. All guests are asked to behave in a manner that is honoring of our Christian values.

Prohibited Items: Illegal drugs, firearms, or explosives are not permitted on Beechnut Springs property. We reserve the right to expel guests who violate these conditions.

Alcohol is not permitted. Guests who violate this policy will be asked to leave and will not be refunded.

Emergency: Beechnut Springs and staff members assume no responsibility to offer medical care for any guests. Basic first-aid or CPR may be offered pending the availability of a qualified individual. In the event of a medical emergency, 911 emergency services should be called. Please inform the host immediately if medical services have been called so that we may assist in directing emergency personnel to the property.

Fires: Fires must be supervised by adults and built only in designated areas. Please extinguish fire completely after use. In dry seasons fires may be restricted or prohibited.

Food: Meals in Beechnut lodge are typically served buffet-style at 8am, noon, and 5pm. Shoes are required in all dining facilities and guests are not permitted in the kitchen area. We appreciate guests not taking meals into meeting rooms.

Modest Attire: Use modesty in attire and behavior at all times while on Beechnut Springs property. Men are required to wear a shirt in all public areas, except when swimming at the pond. Females are to refrain from wearing a two-piece bathing suit, belly shirt, short shorts, or revealing clothing.

Smoking is discouraged at Beechnut Springs. All buildings, including the pavilions, the pond area, boardwalks, walking trails, and the barn are smoke free. Cigarette butts are considered litter and should be disposed of safely in trash receptacles.

Vehicles: We encourage guests to park vehicles upon arrival and use only when necessary. Please park in designated areas.